Finalist in The Kutz 2015 Stencil Art Awards / It´s All 2 Much Art Gallery, Bristol, UK (Feb.2016)

Christoph Fuhrken aka KAMELOGANA

Title: 999_IPWEGE / stencil on canvas / 100 cm x 70 cm / 2015 / available

article B24/7

Congratulations to the finalists who are:

Azur (UK), Andrew Bill (UK), CRS (Cyprus), Dice Sixtyseven (UK), Cormac Eddery (UK), Eins92 (Germany), El Kartoon (Russia), Georgie (UK), Grafeeney (UK), David Grieves (Canada), Just Stencil The World (Germany), Kamelogana (Germany), Keith (UK), Mariestyle (Germany), Omini (UK), P0G0 (UK), Stephen Quick (UK).